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Amazonia’s Painting & Epoxy Floor Coatings is a complete interior and exterior painting company devoted to providing homeowners with exceptional quality at prices that are lower than our competitors.

We have a firm commitment to quality and always strive for perfection. We have been proudly serving Connecticut and surrounding areas for the last 18+ years and look forward to many more. Call us today at (203) 204-6103 for all of your painting, cleaning and flooring needs.


Residential + Commercial Painting

Whether it’s time to freshen up your exterior paint, change your interior wall color scheme or add a new coat to your business to help it regain it’s splendor, we’ve got you covered.


Cleaning Services

If you need your home, commercial building, or job site cleaned up fast, then we can help! We offer the highest quality service out there, coupled with the best cleaning techniques.


Flooring + Coating

We use the most professional and eco-friendly equipment and cleaning agents out there to make your floors look impeccable! If you want floors that sparkle, then give us a call!

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Family owned business.

As a family-owned business, we understand that bringing someone into your home requires an extension of trust. That’s why the friendly team at Amazonia’s Painting puts so much time and effort into perfecting our residential painting services. Every hour we spend at your home is time away from your kids, your job, and your free time, but you can count on us to complete your project quickly, professionally, and to the highest of possible standards.

Here are just a few of the services we offer!


Commercial / Residential

From small homes to large commercial office buildings, we can do it all. If you want it done fast at a great price, then contact us today!


Interior / Exterior

Want to a room in your house? No problem. I ca help with that! And what about damaged exterior walls, and stucco? Yes. can do that too.


New Construction

If you want a professional finish that lasts, then make sure to hire the right painter for new construction homes.


Power Washing

Our dedicated team is willing to get down and dirty to take surface cleaning to an all new level. Our power washing results speak for themselves.


Sheetrock Repair

Have damaged sheetrock? No problem! We can help. Our sheet rock jobs are so good, you’ll never see it.


Textured Ceilings

Repairing a damaged textured ceiling starts with replacing the damaged drywall underneath the texture and treading with care.



When it comes to big painting projects, such as apartment buildings, condos and HOA’s, it is important to maximize efficiency, value and results.

Painting + Staining

Painting coats the top of wood while stain penetrates the wood. Stain protects and preserves the beauty of your wood.

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